Although many traditions come with the holidays, none may be more widely celebrated than watching Christmas movies. Yes—that’s right, Christmas movies as a Christmas tradition; not something that everyone may consider a habit, but the fact that some TV networks run 24-hours of certain Christmas shows validates how viable and widespread this tradition is. Nearly every person has seen at least one Christmas movie in their lifetime, and most will see many each year. Most families will sit down together and watch Christmas movies, whether with a young child or with parents, significant others, or friends, Christmas movies are a staple of the American holiday.

But with such a wide audience, so comes a wide opinion as to what Christmas movies are the best. People have different tastes in Christmas movies and what is or is not a Christmas movie. Although some films have evolved to become Christmas classics year after year, the debate is open on some other common films.

Here at David Blackwell Law, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and offer some of our top picks for Christmas movies to watch with family and friends in 2021: