What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer for a TBI Case: Questions to Ask Explained by Our South Carolina Brain Injury Lawyer 

A person involved in an accident could suffer a variety of personal injuries, often depending on the type of accident. One of the most catastrophic and disabling personal injuries is a traumatic brain injury or TBI. This very serious personal injury can be caused in nearly any type of accident or incident, including in slip, trip, and falls or motor vehicle accidents, which are the first and second leading causes of TBIs. While any personal injury lawyer can handle a slip and fall or motor vehicle accident, not every lawyer is capable of effectively handling a TBI case. This is because TBI cases are significantly more complicated and often hotly contested due to the gravity of the damages. As a result, victims of any personal injury case who have suffered a TBI should call an experienced South Carolina brain injury lawyer.

But it is not always easy for a victim and their family to search for and find an experienced TBI lawyer in South Carolina. Many lawyers may advertise that they can handle brain injury cases, but that does not mean they are effective at handling them or have experienced handling any. At   David Blackwell Law, we want you to know the essential questions to ask before hiring a brain injury lawyer in South Carolina to protect your rights to compensation.