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Human brain injuries are almost always serious and lifelong. First, let’s look at a couple of myths. Number one, you do not have to lose consciousness or have a concussion to have a brain injury. Number two, you don’t even have to hit your head to have a brain injury. The brain is a fragile organ. A rear end collision can cause a sudden jerk or a violent shaking. This can cause the brain to hit the front and the rear of the skull. It can cause bruising, and it can cause axon shearing. This is called coup contrecoup.

These types of brain injuries can affect cognitive skills like memory, reasoning. They can affect physical skills like balance and strength. Can also affect emotional skills, depression, and anger. Some of the symptoms that you might want to look for if you have been in a rearing collision, would be headaches, light, sensitivity, forgetfulness, weakness, fatigue, falling, being overly emotional, overly angry.

In addition, numerous long-term effects can occur from a traumatic brain injury and we’ve helped many people who’ve had traumatic brain injuries. First, proper medical treatment is critical. Next, documenting your changed activities and behavior is crucial. If this is a result of an injury caused by someone else, call us. We’ll share our years of experience in dealing with traumatic brain injuries, even if you don’t hire us.