Lancaster, SC and Indian Land, SC

One of the things that concerns people, or should concern people is, what if the person who hits you has very little insurance coverage or no insurance coverage at all?

In South Carolina, you hear the term “full coverage,” so what does full coverage really mean in South Carolina? That means the person who hits you only has to have $25,000 worth of coverage at all. Just going to the hospital alone may cost you more than $25,000. So, what can you do about it to protect yourself?

There is an insurance coverage called underinsured insurance coverage and you should purchase it. There probably are no real bargains out there on the insurance coverage, but if there is, it would be underinsured insurance coverage. What this does is yourself insuring yourself. So for example, if someone in South Carolina hits you and they only have $25,000 worth of insurance coverage, and you’ve purchased $100,000 worth of underinsured insurance coverage, you now have $125,000 worth of coverage to take care of you.

The other thing in South Carolina is about 20% of the drivers are not insured at all. You have to have $25,000 of what is called “uninsured insurance coverage” on your car, but that’s it. Again, just $25,000 worth of coverage and a hospital bill may run more than that.

So again, how do you protect yourself if they have no insurance at all? Purchase additional uninsured insurance coverage? So for example, if you’ve purchase an additional $100,000 of uninsured insurance coverage, and you already had, mandatory in South Carolina, $25,000 worth of coverage, you now got $125,000 worth of insurance coverage to take care of you.

Those are things that you need to talk with your insurance carrier or insurance agent about.