Lancaster, SC and Indian Land, SC

One of the questions that we get asked very often when we start to represent someone is how long is it going to take for our case to settle or go to trial? And there’s several factors that are involved. Number one, we’re not going to settle a case until we know how you are medically, whether you are completely recovered or at least we know the extent of future medical treatment that you’re going to need so that we can get you compensated for that. So that’s the first thing. Only then would we settle your case.

If we don’t settle your case in a short period of time, then we would file a lawsuit. The reason why we do that is because once you file a lawsuit, it’s typically going to take about a year before it goes to trial in South Carolina. Keep in mind that most of these cases, probably 97% of them still settle before trial, but we want to go ahead and get that process going. But that’s typically as good of an answer as anyone’s going to be able to give you on a timeframe for your case.