Lancaster, SC and Indian Land, SC

What do you do? You’ve been in a wreck. It’s not your fault.

First thing, make sure everybody is okay. Call 911 and get medical attention if it’s needed. Then if you’re able to, move everybody to safety and out of the way, so there are no further injuries or accidents that happen. After that, get information from the person who hit you, any witnesses, like their name, their number, their addresses, and anything that they saw, any kind of statement. If you have a phone, cellphone, take photographs of the cars, record the statement, take photographs of the scene. After that, contact your insurance company and let them know that you’ve been in a wreck. Contact the other person’s insurance company and report it, so that a claim is opened up. After that, the person should be ticketed for whether it was distracted driving, being inattentive, too fast, too fast for conditions, whatever the charge may be. Show up to court, so that they don’t get their charges dismissed and it’s still sitting out there. After that, if you need help, if the injury is serious, if there’s a lot of damage, or if it was a drunk driver, or if it was a tractor trailer, or something of that nature, then you need to, as soon as possible, call an injury lawyer. We’d be glad to help.