Lancaster, SC and Indian Land, SC

Today I want to answer or a fun question for you from our courtroom inside of our office. So, first of all, why do we have a court room inside of our office? Some of the cases that we handle go to trial and when they do, we get the people we represent back here in a courtroom environment so that you get comfortable. So when you walk into the trial into a real courtroom, procedurally you what’s going to happen from the moment you walk in the door until you get on the witness stand. And I’m standing behind our witness stand now inside of our office.

We’ll put you up here, walk through things so you know what to expect. Now we don’t tell you what to say. We never put words in your mouth. You’re the one who was injured. You’re the one who’s living this story. You know it, you know how to tell it. All we want to do is get a little more comfort level for the people we represent when you come into the court room.

All right. So the fun question that I have for you today, you’re talking to the insurance company and they tell you not to hire a lawyer because you will get less money. So, first of all, interesting question, why should they care? Answer, they don’t. They don’t care what you get. That’s just an untrue statement that they’re making.

Secondly, they don’t want you to level the playing field. They know you don’t do this. They know that an injury lawyer who does this on a regular basis will know how to level the playing field and not take what they’re offering and be able to get you fair compensation, compensation that you deserve for what you’ve been through. Also, they understand that statistics show that people who are represented by injury lawyers who just did this type of work get more for their clients and a client whatever will ever get on their own.