Lancaster, SC and Indian Land, SC

Today, I’m going to answer some questions from our courtroom and our office. And we’ve got a courtroom set up and people that we represent, if we were to go to trial, in some cases do, then we get people back here and we put them on the stand and we walk them through procedurally what to expect in a courtroom setting. This is new to you. This is something that you didn’t ask for. You didn’t want. You’re injured, you’re hurt. So we come in here and we walk you through what’s going to take place. We don’t tell you what to say. This is your story. You’re the one that’s injured. You’re the one that’s living it. You know what to say. This is just to make you feel a little more comfortable. So our question for today is, who can I trust with my personal injury settlement?

Well, you certainly can’t trust the insurance companies. They are in it for a profit. They’re in it to give you as little as they possibly can. Number two, your doctors are taking care of you medically. They’re going to do a good job. You trust them to take care of you medically. But they don’t know injury claims. They don’t know the law on that. They don’t deal with the insurance companies from this standpoint. Your friends will offer some good advice. Some of them may have experienced this before, and some of it will be very helpful advice. Typically, the only person who is going to go in and be able to deal with the insurance companies and get you fairly treated is an injury lawyer who just does this kind of work. We’re known in our community for fairness, and for getting good results. And we’d be glad to take care of you.