Lancaster, SC and Indian Land, SC

Today I’m going to answer an important question for you from our courtroom in our office. I’m standing behind the witness stand. The reason why we have a courtroom in our office is because some of our cases go to trial. And if they do, we want to put someone up here on the witness stand, walk through what’s going to take place procedurally so that they feel comfortable in a courtroom setting. We’re not going to put words in your mouth. We’re not going to tell you what to say. This is your story. You’re the one who’s injured. You’re the one who’s having to live it, not us or anybody else. You know what to say. This is just to give people a little more comfort when they do go to trial, entering a courtroom setting.

So today’s question is if you do go it alone and you try to settle your own case, what questions should you ask an insurance adjuster? Why should I give a recorded statement that you will use against me? Second question, could I get a copy of the recorded statement of the at-fault driver? Third question, why do I need to sign a medical release authorization for you to get all of my past medical records? What do you need that for? Why didn’t anybody tell me about under-insured motorist coverage? There’s not enough coverage from the at-fault driver. Would you pay the doctors to write a report on why they provided medical care for me, and explain why it was necessary? You’re not ever going to get that. Ask them to show you in writing what they paid other injured people like you. Ask them why shouldn’t you hire a lawyer, and why are you so concerned that I will hire a lawyer who does injury law?