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Should I Call the Police if I’m in a Car Accident?

One of the things I wanted to talk with you about today is the importance of calling the police if you are in a wreck. First of all, it documents what happens, so it no longer becomes as much about what he said or she said. You’ve got a neutral party that shows up and gets the facts fairly.

All of the people involved are typically interviewed, and so now you get their names, you get their addresses, you get their telephone numbers, and you get what they witnessed, and that’s important as you move forward. Someone, generally, when the officer comes, is placed at fault. That’s helpful to your case if you’re not the person who’s at fault, and everyone is generally asked about their injuries. So, there’s an immediate documentation of injuries, and even if you are at fault, that begins the process of what’s wrong with the other person, so that they may not come up later on and claim injuries that really are not sincere and is a part of this wreck.

Another big thing for us is that insurance information is gathered at that point in time for all the people that are involved. Without that, sometimes that can be hard to obtain. So, that’s a very good thing. If charges are brought against the at-fault person and they have to go to magistrates court, that’s just something that further documents your case against them.

In light of all that, that the police officer does, you still have your homework to do. One example would be, still take photos of the scene. Still take photos of the cars that are involved. Take a photo of the people that are involved. Maybe we can track them down on social media or something like that.