Lancaster, SC and Indian Land, SC

One of the questions that I’m often asked is, do you need a lawyer if you’ve been injured by a tractor trailer? And the answer is most likely yes. These cases are more complex than other wreck cases. The injuries are typically more serious. There are more individuals and companies involved with these types of wrecks. So time is very poor. Big companies move fast to protect themselves. So you must secure evidence yourself, like the black box and other records. Experts may have to be hired. There are federal regulations that could affect your case, like negligent hiring, negligent freight loading, inspection, maintenance, and the driver might not have had enough rest. So what should you do? Contact a lawyer who knows how to handle tractor trailer cases. We have investigated many tractor trailer cases over the years. We’ve got a lot of experience with what we look for and we know how to guide you through the process. We hope you don’t need us. We won’t let you down if you do.