Lancaster, SC and Indian Land, SC

You’ve just been in a wreck, you’re injured, you’re having to juggle a lot of things, including doctor’s appointments, still handling your family, you may be missing work. So you’re already nervous. So what do you bring when you meet with us for the first time? Well, the first thing you’re carrying inside of you is your story of what happened. But the actual physical things that you would bring to a first meeting with us is, if you have a police report, we certainly want that. Your driver’s license, your insurance cards, a copy of your automobile insurance policy so we’ll know what kind of coverage that you have in case the person who caused the wreck doesn’t have enough coverage, so we can properly evaluate everything. And then we want photos of your injury, photos of the scene, photos of the vehicles, if you these things, photos of the vehicles that were involved in the wreck. If you have a list of witnesses that you get while you’re at the wreck or when you call us that we can tell you to get for us, who the witness is, their address, and their telephone number. And we’ll take it from there.