Lancaster, SC and Indian Land, SC

So today I’m joining you from our courtroom inside of our office, and I’m standing behind the witness stand. And what we do with people that we represent to make them feel comfortable in the courtroom setting if we go to trial, is we’ll come back here and we’ll walk through things so that you know what to expect at least procedurally, when we go to trial.

We don’t come back here and tell you what to say. You know what to say. You know your story. You’re the one who’s lived it. You’re the one who’s injured. You’re the one who’s having to fight through this. So we don’t put words in your mouth, we just make sure that you’re comfortable in a courtroom environment.

Sometimes we’ll even go through and we will work on exhibits with you like this one, horrible wreck here. But we will work on some exhibits with you so you’re comfortable looking at those and identifying those.

So today I’m going to answer some questions for you. First question is I’m in a wreck in South Carolina, I’ve got medical bills and I have no health insurance. Who’s going to pay for it? How’s this going to get paid? How am I going to continue to get treatment?

Ultimately, these bills are paid by a settlement with the person who is at fault, or if we go to trial a jury verdict, and then these medical bills are taken care of. In the meantime, if you have what is called personal injury protection insurance, that will pay medical bills or at least some as we go along. If you don’t, what we can provide for medical providers is called a letter of protection so that they know when we settle your case, or when we go to trial and get a verdict that they’re going to be reimbursed.